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    sleeping beauty


Sleeping beauty

Acrylic & mixed media on panel

29" x 20 1/2"


Matted prints available (limited edition)

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Galaxy donna

Acrylic & watercolor on panel

30" x 40"


Matted prints available (limited edition)







Terra's dream

Acrylic & watercolor on wood

28" x 34 1/2" (triptych)


Matted prints available (limited edition)




Le Vent Bleu

Acrylic & mixed media on canvas

18" x 24 "





Mother earth 2007

Graphite, watercolor, ink, sumi on film and paper

19" x 15"



Autumn girl

Watercolor, ink, acrylic, dry flowers, resin on wood

8h x 3 1/2h






Acrylic on panel

36" x 24"


Matted prints available (limited edition)






Mother Earth 2010

Mixed media on clayboard

18" x 24"




I've produced many paintings for this series from 2008-2011. I will upload more images soon. Please come back again. Thank you!

If you're interested in checking out other images for this series, please email to info@taikofujimura.com. Thanks!

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